Both photography and painting records what's around while reflecting what's inside us. I enjoy using both mediums because of their inherent differences and similarities. The photography requires a presence of physical subject. The painting does not. Furthermore, they are different because one can capture an image instantly with some limitations of dynamic range where the painting takes time to complete but has almost infinite freedom to express any range of light and shadow simultaneously. However they also share many similar traits; in order to create powerful image or intended outcome it requires an application of knowledge of the elements and principles of art. They both beg for seeing beyond surface. That's why I love using both mediums. They compliment each other, at least in my mind.  

Photo Session Services - You can record your special events on your own with a right equipment at a right time. If you are a participant of an event or too busy, it is very difficult to do that even with a million shots of selfies. And you want to make sure an outcome of the images you capture will transcend what you envisioned. After all, what you want to do is to enjoy your precious moments with others not recording the activities. That's where Toshi comes in. I'll be there for you to serve and assist creating memorable images, I promise I won't make you nervous :) And my job is to record you and whatever you asked for. When I do, I want you to think of me as an air you breath. I will be everywhere but you won't see me. From portraits to sports events, you can be confident with a quality of my work; from the beginning to the delivery of products. You can see some of my photography here.

-Price starts at $250 

-Price starts at $2500 for weddings

Drawing And Painting Lesson Services - In the age of digital, I offer lessons and workshop on drawings and en plein air paintings with analogue tools ;) because there is no virtual environment that can imitate the physical feel of creating process; something akin to homemade cooking vs microwaved foods. You will be amazed to discover the importance of using a variety of your senses when you draw or paint. I specialize in en plein paintings; meaning you are out there where you want to paint. The subject can be anything as long as under the sun. My contemporary impressionism approach is achieved by placing spots of colors with a palette knife. No brushes. You can see some of my paintings here.

-Price starts at $250

Photography Lesson Services 

Editing And Creation Of Art With Digital Mediums - The tools we use to create our visual outcomes is constantly evolving. What a great age we live in! From high resolution monitors to tablet input, we can take full advantages of cutting edge technologies when it comes to editing images or draw and paint on digital formats. It's powerful. It's versatile. I will walk through some of the essential skills for editing and creating images with you. For digital photography, it is an integral part of production process and achieving an intended visual outcome. This is where fun begins. For one on one session, price

- Price starts at $150. Apply 20% discount to you want a group session. Max 4 persons per group. You need to bring your own computer for the class.

Toshi is currently an art instructor at the MosaicExplore Homeschool Enrichment Program. For more information, visit

If you believe it is worth investing in me for above services, please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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