Both photography and painting records what's around us while reflecting what's inside us. I enjoy using both mediums for their inherent differences and similarities. Photography requires a presence of physical subjects. Painting does not. In photography, asides from post editing, it captures images instantly. In painting, it takes time to complete but offers a wide range of freedom in rendering a light and shadow at one's will. They also share many similar traits. To create a powerful image or a desired outcome, they demand a good understanding of the visual elements and principles. They both beg for seeing beyond the surface. They complement each other, at least in my mind. After all, regardless of mediums employed, our ability of "seeing" has a profound impact on the process of creation.  

Toshi has been a painter for 25 years and a nature photographer based in Manchester, NH. He also enjoys various photographing various events and portraits gigs. He has lived in Japan, U.S. and France. He claims himself a permanent student at the University of Life.

He is an art instructor at the MosaicExplore Homeschool Enrichment Program. For more information, visit

Live To See, Feel To Live.

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